Adding Windshield Repair to Your Business     Become a Distributor


Becoming an Entrepreneur

Deciding to open your own business is not something to be taken lightly.  Any first time entrepreneur has many questions and a natural hesitance that adds stress to the process.  Friends and relatives will raise many negative points and draw attention to risks in order to try and safeguard you from a possible poor choice.  All of this is normal and simply part of the process.  However, here at GLASSWORKS, we have a different approach.  Not only are we entrepreneurs ourselves, but we also have the confidence in our industry and our systems to believe that anyone can start their own Repair Business and make it a success!  Furthermore, we don't only wish to sell our kits.  Once you become our customer, we enjoy supporting you on a different level than most other companies.  Why?  Because your success means OUR success!

There are plenty of resources available to help someone open their own business.  We will not focus on things like getting your Federal Employer Identification Number or acquiring liability insurance.  There are are more efficient ways to get information on the general aspects of starting a business than what we can provide here.  Instead, we will concentrate on the benefits entering into the Windshield Repair Industry, the reasons our system provides the best chance for success and provides the highest profit margins, and techniques for optimizing your success and profits once you have made the decision to move forward. 

Why Auto Glass Repair?

Let's start at the beginning.  You are reading this because something has motivated you to research opening your own business.  It could be loss of your job, dissatisfaction with your current position, need for more income or an inborn desire to be independent.  Regardless of the reason, the fact remains that you are inspired.  However, you may have limited resources.  You may have already researched other possibilities and you are still researching for a reason.  Many industries require a large amount of capital to open a legitimate business.  Many industries are designed to keep people out in other ways, including difficulty in finding suppliers, well kept industry secrets and regulations and red tape that are impossible to navigate.  This is NOT the case with Glass Repair!  In fact, our industry is in extremely high demand and growing every day.  The training and regulations are minimal compared to other trades and you have already found the best supplier with the best system in the business.  With Glass Repair and our system you can open a business and start getting a return on your investment IMMEDIATELY!  There is no need to get a loan or mortgage your home, no need to wait years until the money starts coming, and no risk of buying into something to which you are stuck.  Quite simply, this is one of the easiest, safest and highest profit margin industries in the world!  The demand is growing daily, there are not enough techs to handle the volume and anyone can learn our techniques to create satisfied customers and keep windshields out of landfills.


Because of the point about demand we made above, there are a number of systems available from which a Technician or Shop Owner may choose.  They are all based on the same general principals, yet vary greatly in effectiveness, ease of use and cost.  Chances are that, if you are here, you may have already come across some of them.  If not, we invite you to explore as many as you can.  In fact, we prefer that if you are serious about entering into our industry, you research the systems and support of our competitors before you decide to buy a GLASSWORKS product.  We feel that an understanding of what else is out there will reinforce your decision once you choose to go with us.  As you delve deeper into the techniques, results, cost, profit and dependability of all the systems, it will be much easier for us to convince you that our products are right for you.  We honestly feel there is no comparison.  In the end, you are going to call, us ask questions and solidify your decision to move forward.  For now, the list of points below will assume you have done your preliminary research and want to know more about what we can do for you.

GLASSWORKS Windshield Repair Systems vs Our Competitors

With GLASSWORKS you get:

  • The lowest entry cost 
  • The lowest restock cost 
  • The highest profit margins 
  • The best quality equipment (The cheap "knock offs" blow seals regularly.)
  • The simplest procedures
  • The easiest cleanup (Who wants to clean petroleum jelly off the outside AND INSIDE of the glass?)
  • The safest system 
  • The most versatile (Try to climb on a Mack truck and use a bridge system.  Better yet, try to fit their system under the visor!)
  • The best support (Need technical help?  Marketing?  Insurance Billing?  Call us!)

 How do I actually Make Money?

First let's do the math.  Depending on the market and circumstances, repairs can cost a range from as low as $29 up to $149.  Realistically, most markets have pricing between $50 and $80.  Let's use the low number for now and say an average repair with our system, including customer interaction if managed properly, takes a half hour.  We will include drive time here for the reason that, if one gets the right accounts, multiple repairs can be done at the same time making up for your drive.  Also, keep in mind, if you have an actual location all these number can improve with volume but your overhead will increase.  OK.  $50 per half hour with an eight hour work day equals $400 sales potential for a single person operation.  If one works a 5-day work week and we subtract for vacation and holidays, we can calculate about 220 working days per year.  220 days X $400=$88 K / year.  Not a bad return for an initial investment of about $400!!!

Now, how do we get there?  Different markets have different demand levels and various levels of competition.  How do you differentiate yourself from the others to get your share of the market and fill every time slot in your day?

Well, the first thing you did right was choose GLASSWORKS as your Repair System.  Once you become our customer, you enter into a different relationship than you would with another supplier.  We don't just sell Systems.  We actually have been on the retail/service side for years.  We have the knowledge and industry understanding to get you in the door after you buy one of our kits!  Dealerships, trucking companies, rental companies.  What do you say?  What do you offer?  How much value can you bring?  We have the answers. Insurance companies.  How do you get on their Glass Repair Programs?  We know.  Just a cash customer.  How do you get them to chose you over the competition?  We can help.  It is in our best interest.  The repairs you do the more supplies we sell!  We are motivated.  Are you?