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As one can see, by reading Our Past page, our current logo contains elements of both the Glass-Star and GLASSWORKS original logos.  Obviously, this is no accident.  We chose to symbolize that Anthony and Gene are bringing the resources of both their companies together to form the best Windshield Repair System Company in the world.  With original products made with the highest quality materials, techs will have the confidence that they will give their customers the best repairs possible without the problems like "blowouts" or pressure loss common with cheap imitations.  With new packaging, new support products and streamlined order fulfillment, our customers know that we will keep modernizing and improving our systems for decades to come.


Currently, GLASSWORKS is poised to supply the auto glass repair industry with the highest quality repair equipment, resins and supplies at the best pricing.  When one compares our systems to the others in the industry, it is clear that our ease of use, low entry cost and amazing results allows our customers to attain the highest profit margins with the greatest amount of dependability and convenience.  Furthermore, if you compare our products to the "cheap" imitations, which although cheap in quality are actually higher in price, you will see that if you like our system, you will LOVE our products!