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In June of 1978 Anthony Jacino co-created the Clear Star windshield repair product line and co-founded Clear Star Products, Inc.

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Mr. Jacino pioneered the industry of windshield glass repair, plate glass repair and tail-light lens repair, co-holding multiple patents in the overall field.



Eventually, he created Glass Star America, manifesting a glass repair product line that incorporated over 28 years of experience and expertise.


Clear Star Windshield Repair had been manufacturing and marketing a unique type windshield repair system since 1978. A large network of users, distributors, and independent sales representatives was created while increasing sales and adding new and innovative ideas to the product line. Through the years, the company grew and invested in a new plant, larger offices, and state of the art technology. With the policy of developing excellent partnerships with customers and distributors both foreign and domestic, Clear-Star achieved a world leadership in the windshield repair market. The patented windshield repair system continued through Glass-Star America to expand worldwide, and stood as the most practical solution for windshield stone damage repair.  Windshield repair product offerings were also improved by Glass-Star. Among the improvements were better customer support matched with an upgraded windshield repair kit manufacturing facility.



After decades of service in the glass repair industry Mr. Jacino is ready to "pass the torch" to Gene Jordan.  Gene has been in the Auto Glass Industry for over 20 years and has been a user of the Glass-Star product line since he began.  His enthusiasm for the system as a glass shop owner and end user makes him a perfect fit to take the products into a new era under his company's name GLASSWORKS.