Here is an ever growing collection of pictures including our staff, B & A's, system use and other industry related subjects.


Here is a nasty star break.  Since we could see black in the legs, we knew they were open and chose not to "pop" the center to make a bull's eye.  Instead we just used our Crack Filler and repaired as normal.  We did do a little flexing on the inside with a little thumb pressure to open the legs wider while injecting.  As you can see, the legs are completely filled.



 Before, After Filling, After Polishing

(Notice how the air has been removed from the break.  This oddly shaped pit becomes almost transparent after polishing.  The after pictures are closer up than the before to show detail.  To the naked eye this turned out amazing and is safe, legal and will last a lifetime!)



Here's a great B & A.  It was so clear, we couldn't get the camera to autofocus on it.  Even better, we hadn't even polished the pit yet!



Irony.  We used Gene's car for a photo shoot.  A week later he gets a chip in almost the exact spot we put the pedestal for the shoot! 

No worries. The repair turned out great!