Can your system really be used by anyone?

Yes.  We honestly feel that the simplicity of our design, and the clarity of our instructions will allow virtually anyone who purchases our system to be able to perform great repairs.  We estimate that a first time user, with our Home Pack can repair about 80% of all repairable breaks.  Furthermore, an experienced person, with our Pro Kits can do over 90%.  A Master, using all available techniques, can repair anything that would be possible.


Do you guarantee that a break will not spread once it has been repaired?

No.  We know our systems can do the job, but it still depends on the end user to make the right calls and perform the task properly.  However, we feel confident in a Pro using our system properly being able to guarantee his or her work.  In fact, our retail location will rebate the full price of the repair directly off the purchase price of a new windshield.  Why?  Our system is so reliable and our techs so good, that we actually average less than one warranty per year. And we perform thousands!


Why should I purchase your system rather than your competitor's?

It's simple.  If you are a home user thinking of purchasing outdated, single use systems online or your local auto part store, you can purchase ours and be able to perform 4 repairs out of the package and many more with resupplies.  Furthermore ours actually works!  You will be getting a smaller version of our pro system which, although it takes longer and is not meant for heavy use, will achieve the same results if used properly.  If you are a Pro, ease of use, lower entry cost, lower cost per repair and better support make our system the best in the business.


Will my system ever become obsolete?

No. This system has been around for decades.  We have no intention of ever discontinuing it, changing formats, or causing compatibility issues just to increase sales by forced updating.


Do you accept returns?

Yes.  We do accept returns on unused kits or products damaged upon receipt, if notified within 7 days of purchase.  We do not accept returns with any missing supplies such as Alignment Rings, Resin Chambers, Resin, etc.  We also do not accept returns on supplies if they have been opened or used in any way.


How many repairs can I expect to get out of a system if I purchase more supplies?

Small Systems - Hundreds.  Large Systems - Thousands.