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If you own Auto Glass Replacement, Body, Mechanical or Detailing Shop and you do not offer Windshield Repair, you are missing out on revenue, plain and simple.  The following points will both give reasons for and dispel myths against offering Glass Repair.

  1. MYTH-If I own a Auto Glass Replacement Shop, offering Repairs will reduce the amount of Windshield Replacement revenue I receive.  False.  We have offered both services for years and have found that not only does offering Repairs increase are overall sales but it also increases the amount of replacements we get due to forming a customer relationship, gaining market share and initiating referrals.  Remember, if you don't offer it, someone else will.
  2. MYTH-"I'm a mechanic.  I don't know anything about glass."  Not true.  First, with our system, anyone can perform a successful Windshield Repair.  Furthermore, people in the automotive industry have the general understanding and thought process to take Repairs to the highest level.  Have no fear.  You WILL be able to satisfy your customer, increase your sales with an easy service add-on and provide "one stop shopping" for people who want you to be "their guy".
  3. MYTH-Glass Repair is to risky for the amount of return.  False.  In fact, less than 1% of properly performed repairs end up splitting during the life of the vehicle and the amount that split during the process is even lower!  All you need to do is communicate with your customer and make them understand the realities of their situation and only do repairs within the proper guidelines.
  4. FACT-When performing Repairs as an add-on service, it takes up very little time, because with our system much off the process can be done while an employee is doing other things.  In fact, it actually ADDS to the amount of revenue an employee can bring in for the same amount of his or her time!
  5. FACT-For a Body Shop, you already have the relationships with the insurance companies.  In fact, a Repair may need to be included on your estimate.  Why not include a service "in-house" for something that you would otherwise have to "sub-out", thereby gaining revenue?
  6. FACT-A Detailer has perfect conditions for offering Repairs.  Your customers keep their cars sharp.  You might even look a car over a notice a chip that they didn't even know they had.  Your attention to the "little things" will not only show your level of service, but can also earn you extra profit!  Do the repair while cleaning the interior and you get more money for the same amount of time!

Realistically, the list is almost endless.  Give us a call at 815-549-6890 and let us further explain why a GLASSWORKS Windshield Repair System is right for you.